IOS 13 vs 13.1

IOS version

IOS 13.1 is being released on the 24th. So what is the big deal here ? For us the important part is that Apple fixes a lot of bugs in the NFC handling. On IOS 13 you will experience issues where the reading aborts in flight especially on some newer passports or if you have your phone in a case. Generally these issues are removed in 13.1 but since cases are pretty diverse no guarantees can be given for any and all permutations. If there are still problem it would be an idea to remove the casing and try again if you experience failures.

Showcase IOS app available

We are proud to announce the availability of this app. It can be found at

Som caveats exists.

  • It will install on devices with < ios 13 but will not perform unless the device is 13 or above.
  • It will only work on devices from Iphone 7 and above. This is where Apple support this.
  • Some bugs and limitations is fixed in IOS 13.1 which is scheduled to be released by the end of the month.

Handover released in the demo app

Handover has been released in our demo app. Currently we have 3 public URLs for demontstration.




Known limitations

  • You need to reopen the URL from scratch. Refresh will not work.
  • When opening the link on an elegible device or Ipad you will get a weird page where you need to click ok.
  • Opening the link from some programs like slack gives an unexpected behavior. We are looking into this copy the link and open from a browser.

IOS and dynamic branding

We are proud to release the first beta of the IOS SDK by the end of this week. This will be made available to customers where we have an economic agreement. At the same time we will be introducing tenant based branding which is applicable in an landlord tenant model. The landlord is the app owner and the tenants purchase identification as an service from the landlord.

The model gives the tenants a low effort way to perform identification as they get all of the produced artifacts required for string KYC on-boarding. The landlord, which may be internal in which dynamic branding might be a moot point unless several branding are used in the market get a kick back. This might be financial for third parties or some recognition or bonus for internal tenants. Hopefully this is useful for your situation.

The limits of electronic ID

The implications of this is interesting. The courts are not willing to treat the usage of electronic id as 100% binding but recognize the inherent fraud risk. Now using what we provide will make this very different as we match the presence of the identified person and not merely possession and knowledge. And in real life this makes a world of difference.

iOS 13 public beta


So it begins..and beyond being a step towards the release this makes it possible for us to distribute our beta demo app. Notice that this would be capital beta and still a limited resource and do require you to update a phone to the iOS beta.

If you like to test drive and have a value proposition in mind get in touch with us for a discussion. #ios #NFC #on-boarding #digitization #Apple